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3D modeling

Illustration Blender

I started to study 3D modeling with Cinema4D but quickly moved to Blender. I'm still a newbie but I learn something new each time I work on a illustration.

I usually share publicly the progress I make when I work on scene. Check out the and the on Twitter.

Random illustrations

Procreate Watercolor Paintings

Every now and then I launch Procreate on my iPad and start drawing random things.

I used to paint watercolors but it's been a while since I did not paint anything… I should get back to it one of these days!

Music 🤘


I have been playing the guitar for 25 years now and from time to time, I plug it into my computer and hit the record button. I mostly record blues rock stuff over a drum track. I even design fake album covers for the fun of it.

You can Listen on SoundCloud the "least bad" takes I recorded. I recommend "Nice Weather For Monkeys" at maximum volume if you are asleep or "Surfin'" if you want to chill on the beach 🌊