Updated November 2023.

This is where I list my current focus and interests, inspired by Derek Sivers's nownownow project.

Going freelance

Towards the end of last year, after several months of reflection, I made the decision to tempt the freelance adventure. From now on, I am available to accept new missions. On going

Building a guitar

Started last year to build my first electric guitar. The goal is to reproduce a mid-sixty Shell Pink Fender Telecaster. I discovered a whole new world by taking an interest in woodworking and lutherie. The project hasn't progressed much in the last few months; I was missing several tools and the workshop is cold in the winter! On going

Black belt in Shōtōkan karate

I train two to three times a week to finally obtain my black belt in Shotokan Karate. Done


WIP of an inbox icon for the TLP icon library
WIP of the modeling of a crane and interface components in Spline
Picture of calendar icons sketched on a sketchbook
WIP of the modeling of the SoCalendar hero
Animated Tuleap logo for video intro
Tuleap floppy disk
WIP of the HiFi Tuner icon in Blender
Tuleap theme switcher
Close up view of my desk rendered in Blender
WIP Close up view of my tiny home office rendered in Blender
WIP Close up view of my tiny home office